Men are from Mars and women from Venus. But do their choices in two-wheelers differ too? Apparently, yes.

Men vs Women: The difference in buying a two-wheeler

Two-wheelers have become indispensable in both metropolitan cities, which are bursting with traffic and smaller towns and villages that might not have the best infrastructure. A two-wheeler is a smart investment for many reasons. It is highly affordable when compared to a car, gives better mileage – a boon with skyrocketing fuel prices, and provides you with the ease of transportation. While these motives for buying a two-wheeler are gender-neutral, the factors that come into consideration when picking a vehicle are not. 

Men and women have different boxes to tick when picking a two-wheeler. Let’s look at what these are. 

Type: The type of two-wheeler – whether it is a bike or a scooter is a major differentiator between the two sexes. While most women prefer scooters, men prefer bikes they can rev up on long rides.

Weight: A person’s height and frame are important factors to consider when choosing a two-wheeler. Women prefer light-weight vehicles since they are easy to manoeuvre, and this is crucial for being able to ride comfortably. Nowadays, there are lighter bikes available that people of both genders can pick.

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Auto Start: Women prefer auto-start bikes as compared to the kick-start ones. The same can be said about men too. The convenience of auto and electric start appeals to both the genders equally. Even the epitome of bikes such as Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson have electric start and remote start. However, some men prefer the old school kick start.

Style and colour: Women lean towards more playful colours, while men stick to the military green, blues, blacks, and every so often reds. Women are more conscious of the style, while men focus on horsepower.

Storage: Since wearing helmets and carrying relevant papers have become crucial, having sufficient storage space has become imperative. However, it is an important decision-making factor for women. Women prefer storage space to carry their essentials at all times.

Practicality: As in all matters in life, women are practical in their choices. This is true even when it comes to buying a bike. Women tend to pick two-wheelers that have better ride quality and are practical to use on a daily basis. While it will be wrong to say that men are impractical, they do tend to buy bigger machines prioritising adrenaline over practicality.

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While some factors differ, some remain impartial irrespective of the sex. Both men and women consider the mileage and servicing and maintenance cost as well. Also, the price and resale value of the two-wheeler is a significant decider too. 

As more and more women are becoming financially independent today, they are gearing towards buying two-wheelers. Catering to this trend, manufacturers are introducing specially designed two-wheelers for ladies that are sleek, lighter and give the best bang for their buck.

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