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Bucket list, envelope or boot camp: What's your budgeti…

Does budgeting excite you or does it seem like a bother? How do you approach a budget?

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Take this short quiz to see how much you know of the Indian…

You may or may not have cast your vote, it is still important to understand the process.

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What kind of boss are you?

Are you a tyrant boss, a mentor or a team player? What is your leadership style? Take this quiz and find out!

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How smartly do you use your credit card?

Take this short quiz to see how well you handle your credit card.

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Do you know what to do in times of domestic violence?

Take this short quiz to see if you’re ready to make a positive difference:

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Are you an informed customer?

Women form a large part of India’s consumer base. So shouldn’t they be informed about their rights as a consumer?

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Fixed deposit - how well do you know this popular financial…

Fixed Deposits (FDs) are the simplest form of investment. While they offer an assured monthly income and security, are you aware of what investing in FDs involves? Take this quiz to find out.

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Are you a book smart or street smart when it comes to money…

Do you follow tried and tested rules to make financial decisions or do you rely on instinct and situational awareness?

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Which Bollywood mom are you like?

Are you more Kajol or Sridevi when it comes to raising your children? Find out now

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How I did it

Manisha Tomar

Since I had been working only for two years, I never gave retirement any serious thought. My mother has been a housewife and father was working till last year. When he retired, he discussed his savings with me. That is when I realised that his retirement corpus was woefully inadequate. But he… Read more

Rohit Prabhu

I love buying new gadgets. If the latest phone or tablet or headphone has been launched, I have to buy it. My friends know me as the ‘gadget guru’ and I have a reputation to maintain. I have been doing this over the last few years without a care in the world.

However, last year I… Read more

Nisha Tanwar
Sales Manager

Ever since I was a college goer, I was keen on starting my own business. Most of my childhood friends were Gujaratis and Marwaris and I was heavily influenced by their communities’ belief about creating jobs rather than taking up a job.  Being from a non-business background, I was aware that I… Read more

Jerry Thomas
Corporate Executive

Till the beginning of last February, I always believed that one could only create wealth if one already had a lot of money to invest. Therefore I didn’t believe in starting with small savings and would instead be always on the look-out for a big-ticket opportunity that could change my life.… Read more