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Take this short quiz to see how updated you are with these m…

Getting involved in money matters can get awkward, especially with people you are close to. Take this short quiz to see how good you are when it comes to financial etiquettes.

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Do you think like a millionaire?

Are you playing it smart for your millions? Take this short quiz to see if you have the approach of a millionaire.

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How frugal are you on the scale of 1-10?

As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned. Frugality is a great personal finance tool that helps save for a rainy day or a life goal.

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Bucket list, envelope or boot camp: What's your budgeti…

Does budgeting excite you or does it seem like a bother? How do you approach a budget?

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Take this short quiz to see how much you know of the Indian…

You may or may not have cast your vote, it is still important to understand the process.

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What kind of boss are you?

Are you a tyrant boss, a mentor or a team player? What is your leadership style? Take this quiz and find out!

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How smartly do you use your credit card?

Take this short quiz to see how well you handle your credit card.

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Do you know what to do in times of domestic violence?

Take this short quiz to see if you’re ready to make a positive difference:

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Are you aware of these changes in the Budget that concern wo…

Take this short quiz to understand the list of benefits that could directly affect women in India

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Are you living a healthy life?

Take this quiz to see if you are making the right lifestyle choices on a daily basis.

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How I did it

Rahila Khan

I am a single mother of one. I lost my husband just 5 years into my marriage. Life has been a struggle for me, but I have managed it and today I have no complaints. 

I was a young widow with a 3 year old son when my husband passed away due to a heart attack. My parents were my rock… Read more

Piya Sharma
Chartered Accountant

I am a CA by profession. As my training has taught me, investing is a big part of my financial strategy. I am slightly risk-averse and invest heavily in mutual funds, FDs and ULIPs. I stay away from the stock market. 

As the household expenses are taken care of by my husband, I use most… Read more

Rajesh Singh
Corporate Executive

Growing up I did not have much other than the bare necessities. Though my mom tried her best, she could not fulfil our wishes. I always knew I had to study and improve my life. Today, I own a bike, a car and my own humble house. This has only been possible because of my prudent wife.

We… Read more

Suraj Chandwani
Gas Station Owner

I like to work hard and live a good life. I want to give the best to my wife and son, as well as my parents who live with us. I own a gas station in the suburbs of Mumbai. I had taken a loan to set up my business. So a major chunk of my earnings goes in repaying the loan. I also have a car loan… Read more