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This young woman is disrupting the Indian jewellery space –…

With jewellery in her genes and a business degree from Wharton, she is one to watch out for.

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What are the financial rights for cohabiting unmarried coupl…

Unmarried and living together? Here’s a list of varied financial, property, and parental rights you definitely need to be aware of.

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How to make your career switch a breeze

Have you been regretting and rethinking your career decisions lately? Here’s a step to step guide for making the process of your career switch a breeze.

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6 Mother’s Day gift ideas to cherish the special day with yo…

Confused what to gift your mom, this Mother’s Day? Here are six ideas that will make more than just her day

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What will be the annual salary of homemakers if they were to…

This Mother’s Day we put a value to the invaluable services our homemakers unflinchingly provide. Here’s how much they should make

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How to become an Instagram influencer and make money

Don’t do it for The “Gram”, do it for the money!

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Is a homemaker obliged to pay tax on earnings received from…

Depending on its usage, the money a wife receives from her husband may or may not be taxable.

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7 Best holiday destinations to visit with your kids

If you want your kids to experience real fun, take them to these places.

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8 Women activists who brought about significant changes acro…

Know more about the life of these wonderful Indian women and what they achieved in various facets of Indian society.

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15 Safety tips for women moving to a new city

Women are moving to new cities in search of career opportunities or other reasons. In this article, we learn about 15 tips that women can use to stay safe in a new city.

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How I did it

Manisha Tomar

Since I had been working only for two years, I never gave retirement any serious thought. My mother has been a housewife and father was working till last year. When he retired, he discussed his savings with me. That is when I realised that his retirement corpus was woefully inadequate. But he… Read more

Rohit Prabhu

I love buying new gadgets. If the latest phone or tablet or headphone has been launched, I have to buy it. My friends know me as the ‘gadget guru’ and I have a reputation to maintain. I have been doing this over the last few years without a care in the world.

However, last year I… Read more

Nisha Tanwar
Sales Manager

Ever since I was a college goer, I was keen on starting my own business. Most of my childhood friends were Gujaratis and Marwaris and I was heavily influenced by their communities’ belief about creating jobs rather than taking up a job.  Being from a non-business background, I was aware that I… Read more

Jerry Thomas
Corporate Executive

Till the beginning of last February, I always believed that one could only create wealth if one already had a lot of money to invest. Therefore I didn’t believe in starting with small savings and would instead be always on the look-out for a big-ticket opportunity that could change my life.… Read more