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How to split the money as a couple and be financially fair?

Fair does not mean equal; your contribution should depend on your income and debt.

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Investing habits of Indian women: The good and the bad

Armed with confidence and better know-how, the financially independent woman of today is challenging the traditional norms of how to save and invest.

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How to choose the right EMI amount and tenure for your loan?

Repaying a loan is a long-term commitment, and even small changes in internal or external factors can have a snowball effect.

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How to re-evaluate your post-pandemic retirement planning?

Empirical studies reveal that women do not adequately plan for retirement.

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Financial health checklist for small business owners

To survive and succeed, every woman needs to have a strong understanding of the financial aspects of running an enterprise.

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8 Ways to protect your finances when leaving an abusive rela…

Get out of an unfortunate situation and secure your financial future with these tips.

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Tips to save for a big-ticket purchase

These money-saving tips can help you save for a big purchase.

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Estate planning for women: why you need it & how to go a…

An estate plan gives you the peace of mind of knowing that all personal and financial decisions will be taken care of as you have envisioned.

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The Cremica Story: How Rajni Bector turned her hobby into a…

From a backyard bakery to an international food conglomerate, here’s the inspiring story of Rajni Bector, the founder of Cremica Foods.

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Get familiar with these stock market terms

There are quite a few terminologies related to the stock market that a woman should be familiar with if she wishes to invest on her own. This article aims to list some important stock market terminologies.

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