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Thinking of prioritizing your career over having kids: Here…

Time and again, women are faced with the unfair choice of picking either motherhood or a career. While societal expectations may not allow these to coexist, modern technology thankfully offers an option.

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Key things to remember before changing your career path

Before switching careers, you should do some careful thinking and prepare yourself to make the transition seamless.

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5 Things to keep in mind during your performance appraisal

Is it that time of the year when you need to ask for what you deserve? The timing may be a bit off considering the pandemic but here’s how you can still go for it.

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Want to change your job role? Here’s how to successfully go…

If you’ve been wanting to change your career for a while, the ongoing pandemic can provide just the nudge you need!

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6 Women who lifted the Academy Awards this year

Academy Awards of 2019 had a dazzling galaxy of super awesome women winners. A total of 15 women won Oscars at the 91st iconic annual award show. Here is a list of the 6 shinning female stars who won the coveted Oscar awards in main categories in 2019.

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Meet Anita Sanghi, the finance leader who is smashing the gl…

Defining success on her own terms and achieving it by her own rules, Anita has set an example for many to follow

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5 Signs you need to take a career break

Figure out what are the signs that indicate a break from your job.

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Here's how you can monetise your Instagram account

If being an actual Instagram influencer and getting paid for it is your dream, then here’s how you should go about it.

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How to make your résumé shine better

With such a short window to make a first impression, it is very important to make your résumé stand out. Start with these easy tips.

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Career advice from India’s most successful female bosses

From gender diversity in the workplace to maintaining work-life balance – here’s some advice from some of India’s most successful women bosses.

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