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Tips to save for a big-ticket purchase

These money-saving tips can help you save for a big purchase.

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The money guide for women: Effective money saving techniques…

Women today are independent in all aspects, so why rely on anybody else when it comes to finances? The saving journey starts with you.

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7 Essential money habits to master in your twenties

One golden rule for your twenties is to learn to manage your money well, and these habits will help.

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What is pink tax and are you paying it?

There’s already a pay gap and an opportunity gap that women suffer from, but did you know that you also pay something called pink tax? And no, there is no blue tax for men.

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Things you can do as a woman at work to beat the economic sl…

It’s important to protect your job in the current economic scenario and it’s easy to do if you’re strategic enough.

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Your bucket list revisited: Why it’s time for an update?

Having a bucket list is like having a plan to integrate fun, adventure, and joy in your life – and it’s important for everyone to have one that is realistic.

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7 Money habits to start building in your twenties

An integral part of successful adulting is building positive money habits. Here’s how to do it.

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6 Things you need to stop to not waste money

Once you realise where you’re going wrong, you can save and use that money for things that really matter.

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6 Ways to ensure daily saving in today's world

Daily saving has never been easier! Here are 6 ways you can make this habit a part of your lifestyle.

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How to pay off your debts as a couple without becoming a her…

The contemporary Indian couple embraces their significant other with all their qualities, short-comings and debt!

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