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Investment options that can help you save tax in FY 2021-22

Investments help you save not just tax but be prepared for the future as well. Read on to find investment options that can help you save tax in FY 2021-22.

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Investing habits of Indian women: The good and the bad

Armed with confidence and better know-how, the financially independent woman of today is challenging the traditional norms of how to save and invest.

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Financial health checklist for small business owners

To survive and succeed, every woman needs to have a strong understanding of the financial aspects of running an enterprise.

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Mutual funds versus shares – Which one to choose?

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of mutual funds and shares and which one to invest in.

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What investment options do Indian women prefer today?

Women's investment preferences are changing – and how!

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2020 IPO performance: Out of 16 companies, 11 have given mor…

2020 was a good year for IPOs. Most IPO companies gave good returns, with Happiest Minds Technologies Limited multiplying shareholder wealth by more than seven times in one year.

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IPO Frenzy: Are you aware of these key terms related to IPO?

In 2020 and so far in 2021, we have seen many companies come out with IPOs. Investors have made very good returns in these IPOs. However, before applying for an IPO, an investor needs to understand the terminology. In this article, we discuss the various IPO terminologies so that investors can make an informed decision before applying.

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Want to invest in the stock market? Get familiar with these…

Understand the basic glossary of stock market terminologies so that you can trade successfully and become an informed investor.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin: Everything you need to know for…

From how to invest and what approach you should take, here’s a guide that can help you navigate your cryptocurrency investments.

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6 Ways to pay off your toxic debt

You need to pay off your toxic debt. Here’s a plan with 6 smart strategies to prioritise your debt repayment before it gets out of control and starts affecting your emotional and physical health.

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