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The best mom or the best employee? Why not both?

Manage both work and home easily without sacrificing one for the other.

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7 Unspoken rules of having a productive video meeting

Video meetings are the norm when working from home during the coronavirus lockdown, but they can get awkward or counterproductive if not done right.

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Women at work: How are they faring – at home and abroad?

Increasing automation poses a challenge for the female workforce, even as age-old prejudices and commitments force many to quit. But while there is impending job losses, new avenues will also open up

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How digital fluency can help women close the gender gap at w…

The gender gap can be closed at Indian workplaces by going digital. Read to know-how

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Here's how to deal with Impostor Syndrome

Feel like a fraud every time you step into work or receive a compliment? You're not alone.

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How to make your career switch a breeze

Have you been regretting and rethinking your career decisions lately? Here’s a step to step guide for making the process of your career switch a breeze.

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6 Ways full-time moms can beat stress to maintain a work-lif…

Here’s what you need to do to maintain a work-life balance while holding a full-time job and managing your children.

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What to ask your employer before you accept the offer?

Before you accept the offer, take a moment and think: Am I missing something?

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5 Professions dominated by women

Here are the most common fields where women predominate

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Debunking 7 myths about working moms

Here are some misconceptions regarding working moms that make their lives even difficult and are just aren't true

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