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How the pandemic hampered the professional growth of women?

Working women got caught up between household and workplace duties during the pandemic-induced WFH setup, which affected them professionally.

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6 Ways to overcome a productivity slump while working from h…

Learn about the different ways in which you can overcome a slump in productivity while working from home.

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Mrinalini Kher: Giving the underprivileged youth of India a…

Need a dose of inspiration? Read how Mrinalini Kher is changing the lives of lakhs of youngsters in India, one vocational course at a time.

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6 Key takeaways for working women from Union Budget 2021-22

The recent budget has rightfully focused on women’s welfare. From unorganised labour force to women entrepreneurs to senior citizens, here is how it benefits you.

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Working night shifts? Here’s how you can stay safe

Although crimes against women continue to be rampant, sustained and combined efforts of the government and citizens are ensuring that women who work night shifts can hope for a safer working environment.

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What 2020 taught working mothers about parenting?

While many mothers juggled working from home and working for home in 2020, the pandemic year also taught them some important lessons about integrating parenting responsibilities with one’s professional life.

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10 Tips to stay motivated during the lockdown when you aren’…

Having no work from home during the coronavirus lockdown can be a pro or a con depending on how you use your time.

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Highest-paying jobs for women

Women can pick from a wide range of high-paying professions, from medicine to marketing.

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Tips for working women who live in a joint family

Communication is key when living in a joint family – whether it is household responsibilities or monetary matters

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Applying economics in your everyday life

Just as addition and subtraction help you in your daily life and tasks, understanding some basic economic concepts can come in equally handy.

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