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Mutual funds: A powerful investment tool for single mothers

The investment opportunity and diversity offered by mutual funds can be the answer to a lot of financial woes that single mothers face.

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What are the best savings options for a single mother?

A structured and consistent investment plan will help you achieve your life goals and secure the financial future of your children.

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What are the government initiatives to help a single mom pla…

Read on to find out how a single mother can use government initiatives to secure their girl child’s future.

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Why should a single mother opt for life insurance?

Single mothers should hedge their life risk to ensure that their child’s future is taken care of even in their absence. Be sure to evaluate the right amount of insurance required to ensure that their everyday expenses and key financial goals are met.

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How to talk to your children about financial problems?

You may not want to have this conversation with your kids, but it’s better that it comes from you rather than someone else.

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Here’s how to take care of yourself as a single woman

When was the last time you bought flowers for yourself? You can do that and so much more without waiting for a man!

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The pros and cons of giving children an allowance that every…

Allowances are important for children to teach them financial discipline. This begs the question of the right allowance amount which should be given to children.

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7 Ways to earn as a single mother without a salaried job

Single-mothers find it difficult to manage work with parenting a child alone, but they can still make money with part-time jobs.

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Best health insurance plans for single moms

Health insurance is a must for single moms. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal health insurance plan.

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Best health insurance plans for single moms

Health insurance is a long-term commitment, hence look for affordable options you can service comfortably.

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