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Investing habits of Indian women: The good and the bad

Armed with confidence and better know-how, the financially independent woman of today is challenging the traditional norms of how to save and invest.

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4 Benefits of investing in your child’s name

Investing in your child's name can benefit you significantly. Read the article to know more.

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Tax exemptions and other monetary benefits available to wome…

Women in India are eligible for various monetary benefits and concessions across categories.

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8 Ways to attract investors to back your business

Having sufficient money to run your small business is a prerequisite for success. Arranging these funds, however, can be a task in itself. Here’s how you can go about it.

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6 Reasons to drop your mutual fund investment

Extreme loyalty to your mutual fund investment will do you no good. You should know when to drop your mutual fund to focus on your financial goals and build your investment portfolio.

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Don't have a steady income? Here are investment tips fo…

Here’s a quick guide to help you plan your investments and safeguard your present and future.

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Women are safe investors but here’s why they shouldn’t be

Being over-cautious when it comes to investing can actually be a reckless move that most women tend to make.

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50/20/30 budget rule woman can apply in her daily life

Find out how you can implement the 50/20/30 rule into your personal budget by following a simple process

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Investing and the power of compounding

Ever wondered how a small amount invested quadruples with time? Find out how.

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