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8 Reasons Why Women Investors Earn 10% More Returns Than Men…

Women inculcate positive investing characteristics by following some simple guidelines. Owing to their better investment habits, women tend to earn better returns in a mutual funds portfolio when compared with men.

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Be an instrapreneur: How to successfully run your business o…

The idea that only a regular 9-5 corporate job qualifies as an actual career has been long debunked. Many people are now finding different ways to succeed in their professional lives, with social media being at the centre of it.

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Government schemes that can help women entrepreneurs in Indi…

Here are the different ways that women entrepreneurs are backed financially by various government schemes

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5 Recession-proof businesses women can explore now

Your business dreams don’t have to wait for years – with strategic choices you can start a business even when times are tough.

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Women vs men: Who’s more productive at work and how to incre…

Women are more productive in general because they are forced to be in a position where they have to juggle home, work, and social obligations constantly in a way that men will never know.

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4 Female directors who are changing the film industry for th…

Once the ratio of women to men is more balanced in the film industry, we can drop the term ‘female’ from ‘female directors’ and simply call these brilliant creatives ‘directors’.

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6 Soft skills that can help you grow in your career

You may be good at what you do, but these are the skills you need to move to the next level.

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10 Bank loan schemes every women entrepreneur should know ab…

Banks realise the need for a financial support system for women entrepreneurs, and many of them have come up with special loan schemes.

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9 Must-watch films for female entrepreneurs

Powerful female leads in movies are a source of inspiration for all. Let us take a look at some movies with strong female characters who showed us what it takes to make a mark in the business world.

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Tips and tricks to become a financial feminist

Feminism is taking the world by the storm. Let's take a look at how this ideology can be applied to your finances.

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