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5 Tips to follow while trading in stocks

One way to lessen investment risk is to diversify - and to do this, you can invest in multiple assets over the short-term, medium-term, and long-term.

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Get familiar with these stock market terms

There are quite a few terminologies related to the stock market that a woman should be familiar with if she wishes to invest on her own. This article aims to list some important stock market terminologies.

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6 Questions to ask before you invest in a stock

These questions will help you make wise investment choices

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Mutual funds versus shares – Which one to choose?

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of mutual funds and shares and which one to invest in.

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IPOs in India 2021: How to invest in an IPO via Zerodha, Ups…

Paytm IPO: Opportunity to become a customer as well as an investor

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How homemakers can start their investment journey

Even with modest means, homemakers can begin their journey towards wealth creation.

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Are you a homemaker who invests in the stock market? See how…

Know how investment gains from the stock market are taxed for homemakers.

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IPO Frenzy: Are you aware of these key terms related to IPO?

In 2020 and so far in 2021, we have seen many companies come out with IPOs. Investors have made very good returns in these IPOs. However, before applying for an IPO, an investor needs to understand the terminology. In this article, we discuss the various IPO terminologies so that investors can make an informed decision before applying.

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How women in India can invest in individual stocks?

Here’s what a woman needs to do if she wants to become an expert in individual stock investing.

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4 Alternative asset classes that can give young women invest…

While 90% of your investment portfolio could be conventional, feel free to go experimental with the remaining 10% via alternative asset classes.

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