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The Union Budget 2022: What does it have in store for women…

: In India, entrepreneurship brings along a lot of challenges for women. Unfortunately, the recent Union Budget of 2022 addressed very little in this regard for women entrepreneurs. However, the government is trying to prioritise women entrepreneurs. This can be observed as the government has set a stage for women entrepreneurs to speak about it.

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The inspiring story of Kalpana Saroj.

Kalpana Saroj has proven that she has grit, guts, and gumption in the face of all odds. She is currently regarded as one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs in the country. Let's look at what makes her story so inspiring. While being at the head of six companies, she rules an empire that has a net worth of US$112 million.

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How to retire early even if you are not a billionaire?

Many people believe that to retire early, you need to earn crores and save a lot of money. But, even if you don't make crores today, it is still possible to retire early and with a lot of money. If you take proactive measures now, it may be possible to retire early and live happily. Here is how!

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Lesser-known tax deduction techniques to save money

To encourage savings and investments among taxpayers, the income tax department has provided various deductions from the taxable income. Most of you must be aware of the deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. However, other lesser-known tax deductions options can help you save additional tax.

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Which is better -a digital or a regular savings account?

Know the prominent differences between the regular and digital savings bank accounts in this post with proper definitions and features.

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Have Idle Gold At Home? Put Them To Use With These Digital G…

Most of the gold we have in our Indian household always sits idle. Since its inception, GOI has always encouraged gold purchase and putting it to the proper use. In accordance to that, the GOI has launched several digital gold schemes.

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What is the procedure to claim excess TDS on Salary?

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) is the amount of tax that is deducted by the deductor or the employer from you. The amount deducted is deposited to the Income Tax (IT) department on your behalf. There is no separate form that you need to use to claim a TDS refund. There are certain things that should be kept in mind to claim TDS.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Women on Will, Family property…

The Indian judicial system has laws that safeguard women's rights related to Will and family property. However, it is found that women, even the educated ones, are not aware of their rights. This article lists frequently asked questions and their answers on Will and family property disputes.

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4 Reasons why women pay more mortgage than men

Getting a mortgage is more difficult for women than for men, and often they end up paying higher interest rates. Even with similar credit scores, women typically pay more for mortgages.

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How to Apply for LIC IPO if you are a LIC Policyholder

LIC is India's largest insurance company and the seventeenth-largest insurance company in the world. It will go public in April-May. If you are a policyholder of LIC, you will most likely receive a discount on the issue price. You should start preparing for the IPO as an investor and LIC policyholder.

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