Keeping the kids happily indoors during the lockdown can be a Herculean task. But not if you introduce them to these fun activities!

7 Fun ways to keep your children engaged during the lockdown

The summer vacation is something all children look forward to. However, the simple joys of summer – day after day of fun activities, mango milkshakes, road trips, and playing until after sundown – are out of bounds for your children, what with the coronavirus outbreak and the resulting lockdown. 

If your kids are very young, they may not fully understand the importance of coronavirus precautions such as social distancing and quarantine. Keeping them entertained at home in such a situation can be tough—especially if you don’t want their screen time to increase excessively. 

Here are some simple ways to keep children positively engaged at home: 

1. Introducing them to arts and crafts

Children are inherently creative beings. The way they perceive and express things is fresh, honest, and fun. The lockdown is the best time to motivate your children to indulge in their creative expression through arts and crafts. Making cards, finger painting, illustrating, and origami are some activities to start with. Need inspiration? You will find tons of ideas on Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. 

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2. Studying with online resources 

As most schools continue with online classes and video lectures, there may be assignments, homework, and projects to work on. Ensure that your kids maintain a routine and are on track with their studies, just as they did before the pandemic. This is also a good opportunity to supplement their school coursework with fun worksheets and videos online. 

3. Maintaining a daily journal 

The habit of writing things down and documenting one’s thoughts and emotions is a healthy way to deal with life. This daily ritual can help them in the long run when they go on to lead busy, stressful lives. While journaling helps to acknowledge one’s subconscious thoughts and inner voice, it can also be fun, especially if they maintain a photo journal or if they are able to sum up their day in illustrations. 

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4. Learning a foreign language

In an increasingly global world, fluency in multiple languages is in high demand. Children are quicker at learning foreign languages than adults. The quarantine period can be a wonderful time to get your children committed to learning a new language. It could also turn out to be one of the best ways to keep them entertained at home. There are several language learning apps and resources, such as Duolingo, Memrise, Rosetta Stone, etc. 

5. Signing up for an online course 

Another great way of entertaining kids at home is to sign them up for an online course. Look for something your children will genuinely enjoy; don’t force them to pursue an academic course. For instance, if your child is interested in storytelling, let them do a creative writing course. Or if they are interested in mythology, sign them up for one of the many courses that deconstruct ancient scriptures and texts of Greek, Roman, or Indian mythology. There are several non-profit online education platforms as well as courses offered by leading universities that your children can check out for free. 

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6. Building the reading habit 

Few habits can invigorate a child’s mind the way reading can. It can make their imaginations run wild and help them become more creative. While Young Adult books can help them explore and deal with their emotions and thoughts, non-fiction can help them with self-development and attitude building. In general, reading can help improve their vocabulary, grammar, and command over language. A wide range of e-books and audiobooks are now easily available on various apps and online platforms. A bonus to developing the reading habit is that once children become avid readers, they will be happy to spend hours by themselves, book in hand, even after the lockdown ends. 

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7. Helping with household chores

There’s no doubt that your workload has increased since the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown. With no house help available, all the chores are now split between you and your partner. Try to assign some chores to your children as well. It won’t just help you reduce your burden, it will also instil in them a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and the importance of contributing towards the household. You can get them started with simple chores such as washing the dishes, watering plants, or folding washed laundry.

Last words

A combination of the above activities can turn out to be the best way to keep your kids entertained at home during the lockdown, and prevent them from getting restless and anxious. While they are at it, ensure you don’t leave the TV running all day with anxiety-inducing news, or discuss coronavirus updates endlessly. Be honest with your children  about the current situation, but also let them know that it will all be okay. Children, more than anyone else, need that comfort and reassurance. Read this to know how to help you children form a healthy attitude about money from a young age