Plan to do better in the New Year? Start with your house.

How redoing your home impacts your mindset positively
Home aesthetics have a lot more to do than just impress guests. Our home environment can significantly impact our emotions, productivity, and even relationships. A cluttered ambience is evidence of a cluttered mind. Coming back to a clean house filled with plants and personal items that you cherish can be an instant mood-enhancer after a long day.

Humans respond effortlessly to visual simulation; it’s arguably the strongest perception of reality. Therefore, it makes sense to decorate (or redecorate) one’s home in a way that has a positive effect on the mind. And with the New Year about to kick in, you should surely make it one of your resolutions.

Let’s take a look at how you can easily – and frugally – redecorate your house.

Add a dash of colour

Colours are not only powerfully emotive; they also represent an individual’s personality. Their lasting psychological effects can quickly change the vibe of your house and have a profound impact on your mood. Save money by taking the DIY route – paint a blank wall with fresh splashes of colour or change the shades of prominent items such as curtains or bed sheets.

Stack up on things with a sense of belonging

Displaying items that you have a nostalgic association with can instantly put you in a good mood; it doesn’t even require you to make a purchase. Any item that has some meaning to you – whether it is that sepia-tinted photo of your first family vacation, that cute cat lamp your best friend gave you on your 21st birthday, or all the souvenirs you collected from multiple solo trips – will remind you of the good times and bring about positive feels.

Plant your space

Besides the freshness and instant greenery that plants bring to any drab room, they also purify the air, thereby positively affecting your health. Even with space constraints, you can still have smaller plants dangling from your window or on your desk. Waiting for your next salary so you can purchase some expensive hanging plants? No need! Simply recycle old containers; paint or decorate them with motifs. This will trigger your creative juices and induce pride in your work.

Create a corner for yourself

It’s like your ‘me’ corner; your bat cave where you can play guitar, read, meditate, or simply laze. It gives you a sense of belonging and will instantly elevate your mood. Jazz it up with candles or put up a board with all the things that make you happy – old pictures, motivational quotes, etc. If you don’t want to spend money on redecorating your corner, look for cheaper alternatives. For instance, if you’re a fitness freak, opting for a poster of your fitness idol is much cheaper than organising a life-size cutout.

See if something you want is on sale or check social media marketplaces where people who are moving out often put up household items at throwaway prices. You can also explore your local market for bargains.
How about a complete makeover?

It’s the house version of getting a daring haircut. Get in the groove of things and completely revamp your living space. Look for deals online that offer home decoration packages, or ask a friend to help.

Do you have an heirloom or an item that you can showcase differently? How about realigning the furniture to change the look of the room, or getting new curtains? Check if your friends or acquaintances are looking to sell any interesting items that you can get on the cheap.

If you are planning to revamp your house in the New Year and have any tips for others who may be looking to do the same, please share them with us!