Gold investment vs real estate for women!

Gold Investment Vs Real Estate Investment

Traditionally in India, women invest in gold. Apart from its use as jewellery, gold is considered a viable investment option for women. the ease of conversion, ease of buying and ease of storing are some of the reasons why women invest in gold. As more and more women gain financial independence, the investments by women are increasing. 

This new generation of women likes to see their money grow in the long term, and they are willing to invest for the long term. Nowadays, women prefer real estate, stocks and bonds over gold because of the better returns. Real estate is especially becoming popular amongst the women folk, and gold investment vs real estate is a serious question for many women today. Here we discuss why real estate is better in the long term.

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Gold Investment Vs Real Estate

In the long run, real estate investment is better than investing in gold because of the following reasons:-

  1. Better returns in the long run- Real estate is known to provide better returns along with stability in the long run. In the past, real estate has been performing better than gold.
  2. Tax benefits- Tax benefits in the form of depreciation, repair and maintenance costs, mortgage payments and legal services make real estate a tax-efficient investment. 
  3. Government incentives- The local governments provide tax benefits in the form of lower stamp duty to women property buyers. 
  4. Lower interest rates- Even the banks offer lower interest rates to women buyers than male buyers.
  5. Boosts Economic growth- Gold is imported into India, and the consumption of gold affects the value of the rupee. This results in more volatility in the currency price, and the import bill increases. Real estate investments, on the other hand, provide employment opportunities to allied industries like cement, steel, manufacturing, etc. 

Thus, for the question of gold investment vs real estate investment, the benefits of real estate in the long term are immense. You should also consider the total investment as real estate investment requires a higher investment amount. If you do not have the required funds, you might have to invest in financial assets only. 

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So should you invest in Gold or Real Estate?

If you have small investment, you can invest in financial assets like gold, equities, bonds, etc. But if you want to make a long-term investment, then real estate investment might be a better bet for you. It will provide you with the stability of returns along with better return prospects than gold. Also, because of the difficulty in selling real estate will make sure that you do not liquidate your investment for short-term needs. Before investing in Real Estate, Beware of these 6 fees when buying real estate

Gold Vs Property Kya Hai Investment ke Liye Sahi ?