The weighted average of the fifty largest companies of India present in the list of the National Stock exchange is represented by the NIFTY 50 (an Indian stock market benchmark). There has been a huge downfall in NIFTY 50 according to the reports on 13th June. Let’s get to know about the stocks suffering from price volume breakouts.

Earn more by investing in the IGL and other shares going through Price Volume Breakout

Downfall in NIFTY 50

There has been a huge downfall in NIFTY 50 on 13th June. The NIFTY 50 opens up with 15700 sport level and closes at 15750 sport level. NIFTY 50 continues to trade at the same level with negative benchmarks. 

The mid-cap index of NIFTY and the small-cap index of NIFTY are trading at 0.6% and 0.45% respectively. On the sectoral front, the pharma, healthcare, banks and consumer durables are trading at a great pace. On the other hand, the reality, metal and FMCG and PSE (Public Sector Enterprises) are at a slower pace. The level of 15,700 will only act as a support system for NIFTY 50 in the near term. However, 15900 to 15,950 can be solid resistance for NIFTY 50 on the upside level. 

Which share is the best to buy?

Many shares in the stock market are having price volume breakouts. Investing in stocks given below can be a good way to earn profit.

  • Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL): Indraprastha gas Ltd's share price is 363 INR. 
  • Apar Industries Limited: The share price of Apar Industries Limited is 964.90 INR
  • AFFLE limited: The share price of AFFLE Limited in the stock market is 1042 INR.
  • KPI Green Energy Limited: The share price of KPI Green Energy Limited is 626 INR.
  • APL Apollo Limited: The share price of APL Apollo Limited is 856.95 INR.


According to the latest news on Indraprastha gas ltd, the company is under the category of price volume breakouts. Therefore, investing in stocks of Indraprastha can be a good choice for earning a good amount. Along with Indraprastha, there are four other companies too that fall under are a better option for investing according to the reports of NIFTY 50 on 13th June. 

Disclaimer: This article is meant for general financial purposes only. You must not take it as any form of legal or taxation or investment or insurance advice. You must seek separate independent advice when indulging in financial decision-making.