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Top 5 Less volatile sectors of India to invest in 2022

Investments are subject to market risk, but how to choose and make choices while investing. rapidly changing economic markets make it a tough choice to where to invest. For risk free investments, Investors always opt for less volatile sectors that can give good returns in the long run. Commodities, services and goods that are always in demand or whose demands are increasing day by day have always been a good investment option for safe investment


6 Reasons why housewives should consider filing IT returns

Filing ITR as a homemaker can be a legal requirement as well as a benefit.


Is buying gold as an investment a smart option for working women?

While most women would love to have gold of their own, not all of them want to wear it. You can purely look at gold as an investment too


How to invest monthly in NPS?

Every individual has a financial goal of creating a retirement fund. There is no pension provision in private employment. National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a retirement planning-cum-tax saving offered by the Indian government to provide social security to citizens. When you opt for NPS, you make regular contributions to steadily create your retirement corpus.