Everyone knows that putting a little effort into managing different aspects of their life – whether health or career - can pay off in the long run. The same applies to money matters. The more you know and the greater attention you give your financial situation, the better the pay offs will be in the future.

This section features real-life stories of how people changed their money habits to improve their overall finances. So, tell us how you took charge of spending, investing or any other money management aspect to turn your finances around.

User Stories

How I saved for my downpayment

Hanif Mohammed

I loved eating out. Because of a hectic work schedule as well as being a foodie, I would eat out 7 to 8 times in a week. Sometimes I would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. I also have a sweet tooth and would end up splurging on exotic desserts. This was not just taking a toll on my… Read more

How I changed my shopping habit

Meena Kumar

I remember being obsessed with online shopping. I may not remember my exact salary but I could tell you the exact discounts on different products offered by various shopping websites. I would shop almost every day for clothes, shoes and makeup accessories. My account on ‘Gram was getting popular… Read more

How I started investing for my higher education

Jenny Fernandes

Travelling has always been my passion. I love to visit different places and explore the local culture. I make it a point to pamper myself during these trips. I would only save up for these trips without really thinking about my career progression.

A few years into my job, I realised that… Read more

How I could save up for my daughter’s fees

Dhruv Talwar

When my daughter was born I was overjoyed. This was the best moment of my life. My wife and I promised each other that we would admit our daughter in a top-rated school since both of us believed education opens the door to opportunities.

But I was concerned. I was running a small trading… Read more