Everyone knows that putting a little effort into managing different aspects of their life – whether health or career - can pay off in the long run. The same applies to money matters. The more you know and the greater attention you give your financial situation, the better the pay offs will be in the future.

This section features real-life stories of how people changed their money habits to improve their overall finances. So, tell us how you took charge of spending, investing or any other money management aspect to turn your finances around.

User Stories

Saving for a rainy day

Snigdha and Vaibhav Goyal

We have a two-income family; however, from the onset, the family completely sustained on Vaibhav’s salary while my take-home went into savings. We used these savings to fund our wanderlust, with a car loan being the only other debt to pay.

Three years ago, as we contemplated buying a… Read more

Saving for a rainy day

Mehrunissa Shaikh

Knitting and quilting have always been a hobby. Every now and then, I would stitch quilts for my grandchildren when they were younger. As I got older, I found it as a great way to pass time. I used old clothes and leftover pieces of material to create small swatches and used them to design my… Read more

Saving for a rainy day

Nidhi Sheth

As a student, I don’t have a regular source of income. Every week I receive Rs 1,000 as pocket money, of which I spend Rs 700 and look to put aside Rs 300. That amounts to Rs 1,200 of savings every month. Other than this, I get substantial cash gifts during my birthday, Diwali and other… Read more

Saving for a rainy day

Saurabh Kumar

Staying alone in a new city for work was daunting. Long working hours and lack of household skills became an excuse to eat out every day. I started Ubering my way around the city and outsourcing every other service I could. Soon, I found myself financially strained.

I decided to turn… Read more