Everyone knows that putting a little effort into managing different aspects of their life – whether health or career - can pay off in the long run. The same applies to money matters. The more you know and the greater attention you give your financial situation, the better the pay offs will be in the future.

This section features real-life stories of how people changed their money habits to improve their overall finances. So, tell us how you took charge of spending, investing or any other money management aspect to turn your finances around.

User Stories

My Wrong Investing Approach Brought Me Losses

Brinelle Lobo

One of my friends used to tell me that every month he invests half of his salary in the stock markets, and doubles it. It tempted me. Till then, what I knew about the markets was that you buy a huge quantity of a stock and make profits.

I was able to invest Rs. 5,000 per month and… Read more

Credit Limit Illusion Raised My Debt

Anshul Gupta

I was 21 when my first salary account offered me a lifetime free credit card, then 3 more on the back of my handsome package. It was easy - use the card and pay it back after 45 days. Every timely repayment will get you a better credit limit and rewards. 

Initially, I started using… Read more

How I managed my money?


Invest wisely and invest early, to make sure that you live tension free in your later life. I am working towards it, or at least that’s what I hope. I managed to save a small portion of my earning even when I was earning very little like an early jobber. I still have those low-risk… Read more

How I managed my money?


Credit cards are your friend, but only if you use them wisely. If you start spending over and above your means, you fall into the dreaded credit trap, where you earn only to pay off your previous month’s dues. And end up using credit to meet the current month’s expenses. I am reasonably… Read more