Everyone knows that putting a little effort into managing different aspects of their life – whether health or career - can pay off in the long run. The same applies to money matters. The more you know and the greater attention you give your financial situation, the better the pay offs will be in the future.

This section features real-life stories of how people changed their money habits to improve their overall finances. So, tell us how you took charge of spending, investing or any other money management aspect to turn your finances around.

User Stories

How I managed my money

Ishwar Shah

I despise wastage – be it food, clothing, water or electricity. I do not think I am stingy, but misuse definitely irks me. This thinking seeps into my financial philosophy as well. Wastage of money is a big no in my books. Saving is top priority for me. Then comes the basic needs, and lastly,… Read more

How We Financed Our Daughters Future Needs

Ehsan Quereshi

We are happily married for the last 4 years. Being a foodie couple, we used to eat out regularly in a month. Last year, we were blessed with a baby girl. Till then, we never realised that looking after a kid would be quite expensive. Even her vaccinations cost us around Rs. 10,000. These… Read more

PPF Saves Tax and Earns Money Too

Sunita Chakraborthy

‘Use PPF for tax saving’, that’s how we define PPF investment. It was the year 2007 when I was highly interested in stock markets and was sitting on great profits.

But, all of a sudden some economic turmoil turned markets upside down. It was carnage on my portfolio. In a few days, all my… Read more

How I Understood the Importance of Life Insurance

Nisha Raman

I never considered life insurance as a part of my investment. My attitude towards insurance investment was - why to pay money every year for so long, if you can make money from smart investments in mutual funds or stock markets? My father used to negate me on this point every time.

Last… Read more