Every woman, whether single, married, working or stay-at-home, should have adequate health insurance. It safeguards their health, shields her financially and saves money. Best health insurance plans for Indian women in 2022: HDFC Life Smart Woman Plan, Tata-AIG's Wellsurance Woman Policy

Best health insurance plans for Indian women in 2022

There is always a possibility of becoming sick and requiring medical support in life. The medical treatment, especially in a private hospital, is very high. Women are more likely to fall sick, and the treatment cost for the women-specific disease is higher. 

If you get admitted to the hospital, your savings will be eaten up very quickly. The situation will throw you into dire financial straits. Hence, it is essential to protect yourself against medical costs. You can do so through health insurance plans.

What is health insurance?

Health Insurance is an agreement between you and the insurance company that undertakes a guarantee of compensation for medical expenses if you fall ill or meet with an accident that leads to hospitalization.

Importance of health insurance plan for women

Whether she is single, married, working or stay-at-home, every woman should have adequate health insurance. It is required to safeguard their health, create a financial protections shield and save money. 

Today, women tend to overlook health insurance policies, and either they are not insured or underinsured.

Health insurance plans can cover women-specific diseases like breast cancer, fallopian tube cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, and ovarian cancer. They also cover maternity expenses, provide accident cover and provide livelihood benefits in case of the accidental death or permanent disability of an insured lady.

A health insurance plan also offers you tax-saving benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Women under the age of 65 can claim a tax deduction of up to Rs. 30,000.

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Best health insurance plan for women

Below are top health insurance plans for women:

HDFC Life Smart Woman Plan

  • The plan provides coverage for pregnancy complications with a specified congenital disorder. 
  • Sum assured of up to 40 times the annualized premium.
  • Uninterrupted savings with waiver & funding of premiums.

Tata-AIG's Wellsurance Woman Policy

  • The plan covers 11 critical illnesses and has a higher benefit for cancer.
  • Coverage of expenses for hospitalization, recovery, ICU/ICCU, cosmetic reconstruction surgery, and emergency ambulance.
  • Access to free health helpline, personalized health tracker, articles for health and wellness information, discounts on health-related services

Bajaj Allianz Women Specific Critical Illness Insurance Plan

  • The plan offers congenital disability benefits for up to 40 years of age for up to 2 deliveries.
  • It covers eight women-specific critical illnesses.
  • Children's education bonus and loss of employment cover.

Factors to consider before choosing a plan

Women should check the below points related to health insurance before buying one:

  • Diseases covered under plan - You should check the number of diseases covered under the insurance plan. Do not evaluate the plan only based on the premium amount. Instead, select a plan covering women-specific diseases like breast cancer, vaginal cancer, etc.
  • Inflation - If you have an existing policy, you should evaluate if the sum insured is enough. Medical inflation is rising at an alarming rate, and you should be aware of it before taking a new policy or renewing an existing policy.
  • Maternity benefit - Pregnancy is a natural process, but most insurers do not cover maternity under the base health plan. Hence, look for a plan that covers maternity benefits. However, note that maternity coverage has a minimum waiting period (two to three years).
  • Free medical checkup - Women are more prone to diseases. Hence, they need to undergo regular checkups. It helps identify diseases earlier, so recovery becomes easy and fast. Your health insurance must include free health checkups.

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Women should buy medical insurance as early as possible when their health is peaked. Also, they are free from any medical complexity. Your premium is lower at a young age and without medical complexity, and you get a comprehensive cover. As you grow old, the premium rate increases and coverage decreases correspondingly.