The newest superhero is Marvel’s mightiest Avenger and a great role model for young girls/women everywhere.

What modern Indian women can learn from Captain Marvel

There is a new superhero in town and she’s here to kick some serious butt. Welcome Brie Larson featuring in and as Captain Marvel, the movie aptly released on 8th March, celebrated every year as Women’s Day.

This is Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) first film with a strong solo female lead and also the first to have a lady in the director’s chair with Anna Boden co-captaining the ship with Ryan Fleck.

Higher. Further. Faster. The tagline for the movie more than justifies Captain Marvel’s abilities as ‘Marvel’s mightiest Avenger’ as she breaks into the male bastion of heroism with a pivotal role in the upcoming final film of the Avenger’s franchise.

Captain Marvel not just serves as good entertainment but also as an inspiration to millions of young women who can imbibe her qualities and apply the same in their daily lives. 

Here are some lessons you can take home from Captain Marvel’s character. 

P.S. Some spoilers ahead.


The true mark of a superhero is not in being unbeatable, but rising back up after every setback. That is exactly what Captain Marvel does through the movie. 

Glimpses of her childhood show her falling off her bicycle, or faltering while playing baseball. Later she slips and falls while jumping rope during her military training and even eats dust as she faces intergalactic adversaries. However, she gets back up, every single time!

That perseverance and the ability to rise through failure is what forges her into a strong hero. You too can use that as a metaphor to persist with whatever you wish to achieve in life. You may want to achieve better grades at school or break through the glass ceiling at your workplace. Keep at it. Failure is not final. Let the lesson be a stepping stone that will take you to newer heights. 


In both spheres, as Carol Danvers on Earth and Vers on Hala, there are characters who doubt her capabilities and talk her down in the guise of mentoring her. This leads to self-doubt until Captain Marvel shuts down on the haters and truly embraces her power.

Yon-Rogg literally gets into her head to break her spirit and it is her self-belief that makes her realise that she had been fighting with one hand tied behind her back all this time.

As a woman, you probably deal with such people on a daily basis. Don’t let the naysayers pull you down. Self-belief is the best fuel to power your success. As long as you believe, anything is possible.


Through the first half of the movie, the Skrulls are painted in a bad light, till Captain Marvel realises that they are actually the victims. Captain Marvel immediately changes course and makes it her mission to help the displaced Skrull refugees.

Captain Marvel has an unwavering moral compass and is willing to do the right thing even when it’s a risk to her life. Be like Captain Marvel, don’t compromise on your principles for a short-term benefit. Doing the right thing always pays off in the long-run and more importantly, let you sleep peacefully at night.

Lead from the front

A real leader not just talks the talk but also walks the walk. Captain Marvel leads as an example throughout the movie. She inspires her friend Maria to partner in the dangerous flying mission; she gives hope to the Skrulls and, of course, helps Fury keep the aliens away from Earth.

We all knowingly or unknowingly impact people around us. They could be family, friends or acquaintances. While Captain Marvel is a fictitious character, you could be a real-life inspiration to young women near you. Leaders are not born, they are made. Don’t be afraid to take charge.

Final note

Captain Marvel’s character progressed and came into her own through the movie. She fought countless adversaries and stood up like an iron wall. Not once did she wallow in self-pity or shed a tear. The tesseract did not give her new powers, it just amplified the awesomeness that she already had inside. 

You too can become the Captain of your life if you believe in yourself, are able to leverage your skills, persevere with your goals Marvel at life. Higher. Further. Faster. If you are looking for some more raw inspiration, watch these superwoman movies. 

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