These women celebrities are the name behind many ventures and they mean business

women entreprenuers

Being a celebrity doesn’t mean one can’t achieve other things in life. There are plenty of Indian celebrities who didn’t let their fame stop them from exploring other avenues. Very often they decided to broaden their horizons outside the film industry and chose to explore their inner entrepreneur. Let’s take a look at some women celebrities who went on to become well-known businesswomen. 

1. Shilpa Shetty

Well known for her association with the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Rajasthan Royals, Shilpa Shetty is involved in many other businesses too. The Bollywood actress, who rose to fame when she won the UK reality show Big Brother in 2007, owns the Iosis chain of spas in Mumbai. Capitalising on her image of a super-fit actress, she has a fitness DVD series to her name. In 2007, she launched her perfume S2. Shilpa’s businesses and investments also include a real estate portal, a production company, a club, and a gold bullion and jewellery company.

2. Sushmita Sen

Did you know that the former Miss Universe owns a jewellery retail store in Dubai? By her own admission, she now devotes most of her time, energy, and resources to her business ventures. On being asked about being a celebrity entrepreneur, Sushmita says, “It’s a tough world out there and when I want to bag a project, I do it like any other entrepreneur would – I do my research and make a presentation. Then my team and I meet the concerned party to give them our presentation. Sometimes we score, sometimes we don’t… but isn’t that how life is?”[1] She now aspires to open a chain of hotels and spas under her company Sensazione.

3. Madhuri Dixit-Nene

Who knew this diva with the million-dollar smile also has an astute business sense? Madhuri Dixit-Nene took her love for dance to the next level with an online dance academy called Dance with Madhuri. She chose the digital platform to help people follow their passion for dancing. She took another confident step into the business world with her own clothing line called Madz. She also holds a stake in GOQii, a fitness startup.

4. Twinkle Khanna

While Twinkle Khanna started out as an actress, today she’s better known as Mrs Funnybones after the book she authored. Known for bold statements, Twinkle Khanna owns a production house and co-owns The White Widow (TWW), an interior design store. Recently she got to explore her producer side with the movie Padman, starring her husband Akshay Kumar.

5. Gul Panag

Gul Panag is known for her roles in critically-acclaimed films like Dor, but few are acquainted with the actor’s entrepreneurial side. Quite the fitness freak, Panag decided to push others to achieve their fitness goals with Mobiefit, a startup focusing on fitness apps that she co-founded in 2015. Her role as Chief Fitness Officer at Mobiefit allows her to bring technology and fitness together in the form of various apps.

Surely these women celebrities can teach you a thing or two about running a successful business!

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