Successful Female founders and their morning routine plans as they prepare themselves to drive through work and make the best of their day. From exercising to eating right, here are routine ideas we all can learn from.

The morning routines of successful female CEOs

The morning routines of successful female CEOs

A productive day begins with a good morning routine. From planning your day to maintaining a healthy body, a good morning routine plays a significant role in overall personality development. Thus, it won't be wrong to say that a productive morning holds power to dictate the whole day. While there is no right or wrong way to plan your morning routine, it can be inspiring to know how successful CEOs are nailing it and learn from them. Of course, there are many ways to plan out what works best for you, but as it is said, knowledge is power, and if you have ever wondered how to start your day, you might find your answer here. 

So without wasting much time, let's hear from them how they make the best of their time.

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Shama Hyder

CEO and Founder of the Marketing Zen group

Shama Hyder heads one of the top 100 U.S companies. The Entrepreneur named her "Zen Master of Marketing." regards her as the "Master of the Universe". However, the question arises, so how does this marketing maven start her day? 

Shama Hyder says that she is not a morning person, and a long travel schedule also often disrupts her morning routine. Still, there are a few things she always sticks to. She keeps proper track of her schedule, from waking up at 7:30 to checking emails, taking care of urgent issues, and discussing everything overnight with her team after reaching work. Shama ensures she does not have to miss her breakfast, which is something we all can learn from. 

Margo Marrone

Founder and CEO of the Organic Pharmacy

Margo Marrone is a specialist in herbal medicine. She opened her first Organic Pharmacy store in 2002, and currently, the products are available in more than 36 countries. Margo believes in homoeopathy and organic products. She starts her day with 20 minutes of Yoga. She believes in eating good and healthy, which keeps her energised throughout the day. Her beauty routine includes an enzyme peel mask and a body brush. She also prefers to cycle her away to work. 

Her efforts to eat healthily and find time to exercise even with the busy schedule are inspirational and something we should also adopt in our day-to-day lives. 

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3 Katherine Power

CEO and Co-founder of Clique Media

And Who what wear. 

Katherine Power believes that having a solid schedule gives her stability and helps manage an excellent work-life balance. She keeps a habit of exercising daily and then eating a healthy breakfast. In addition, she writes down any ideas that may occur to her while exercising and discussing them with her team. 

We can learn the habit of keeping a record of all our ideas and writing them instantly from her.

These are just a few women on the list of many. Everyone got something we can learn from. We can adapt to our lives and make full use of our time. But there are few things all these successful ladies have in common-

Divide the day properly.

Many successful female CEOs believe in dividing the day into small blocks and dedicating each block to a specific task. They especially prefer to do it during the morning to start the day in a properly planned way. This habit is really useful if you have to keep track of various things and not get stressed out because of the pressure.

Prioritising self-care

Be it in the form of cycling, running, exercising or Yoga. Physical workout is mainly in the list of morning routines to keep yourself healthy. Many entrepreneurs even prefer meditation to bring their minds at ease before starting the day. Physical workout is important for the body and mind, to take out some time just for yourself and to keep your juices flowing. This habit is not easy to adopt, but it's not impossible. You can start with just 5 minutes each morning and increase the duration with time. 

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Have a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, and many successful people make it a habit not to miss it. A healthy breakfast won't only keep your body, but it'll also give you the right energy to go through the day. For example, we often get stuck in meetings or other work during work and miss lunch. A balanced breakfast will keep you nourished in such cases. Therefore, it is very important never to skip breakfast. 

Keeping up with the morning schedule can be a daunting task, but these successful female founders prove that nothing is impossible every day. We have so much to learn from them and prepare a morning routine that will turn each morning into a successful day.