Women Entrepreneurs faced many challenges while creating their businesses. These challenges must be understood to pave the way for young entrepreneurs to build a better business world.

The story of Entrepreneurial women across the world

When we talk about the most significant challenges women business owners or entrepreneurs face, we often think from our perspective. It is essential to know the view of these women and the challenges they faced in their own words. With this article, we bring you the challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs across the world, which must be eradicated to build a better business world!

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  • Undervaluation of ideas 

Christian Blacken (Founder of The New Quo) shared that when she came up with the idea of the company, she was often neglected by investors and prospective collaborators. 

Jessica Sikora (Founder of Superbands) shared a similar perspective, as her ideas were rejected just because she did not have business experience and funding. Her concept was undervalued based on factors which might not have been considered for a male entrepreneur. 

  • No recognition as an entrepreneur

Sarah Pendle (Founder, of Sarah Theresa Communications) shared that her biggest challenge was not being recognized as an entrepreneur. She believes that women are often stereotyped and not considered a serious entrepreneur.

  • Unsolicited advice

Neelam Tewar (Founder, of Maven Magpie Consulting) stated that one of the biggest obstacles she faced was getting advice from people, especially men. She said that women are often bombarded with advice even if they don’t require them or ask for it.

Melinda Wang (Founder, MW Projects LLC) shared an experience of getting advice which did not suit her perspective. She found it hard to reanalyze the advice of others to understand that she did not share their perspectives.

  • Little or no support 

Tara Youngblood (Co-founder ChiliSleep) believes that women entrepreneurs can find it challenging to find support from their friends and family. The struggles of women entrepreneurs can be difficult for other people to understand.

  • Difficulty in finding role models

Annelise Hillmann (Co-founder, Frontman) stated that it has been difficult for her to find women business owners to be considered as role models. She struggles to connect with women entrepreneurs and mentors in the business world.

  • Hindering mindset

Gloria Chou (Founder, of Gloria Chou PR LLC) felt that her mindset was limiting her from achieving success. She had to overcome her attitude before turning failures into lessons.

Aura Telman (Founder, 13thrive) stated that her mindset of seeking validation for decisions from others restricted her abilities to make crucial decisions. She had to overcome this mindset to gain confidence in herself.

  • Acceptance of a new path

Yewande Faloyin (Founder, OTITO Leadership Coaching and consulting) explained that she found it difficult to accept that she did not like her job and wanted to do something different.

Raquel Rojo (Founder, Innata Style) faced a similar obstacle accepting that she could leap in her mid-30s. She found it challenging to get her new path as an entrepreneur. 

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Women face numerous challenges during their journey as an entrepreneur. These challenges allow them to learn but can also restrict hundreds of women from pursuing their ideas as an entrepreneur. Understanding these challenges is crucial to dive into the mindset of those who could not even begin their journey as an entrepreneur.