A look at Enzia Ventures, its founders and funding initiatives

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Do you know that venture capital firms have had a glaring gender gap for years? The USA houses most of the leading VC firms in the business world. A Harvard study in 2018 noted that the 30-year average woman representation in US VC firms stood at 2.4%. Venture capital funding including early stage funding in India has been driven predominantly by VC firms led by male capitalists. As per an IVCA Bain report, only 16% of India’s private equity and venture capital firms are women. At the senior level, female representation in these firms is barely 5%.

With its female founders, Enzia Ventures is a deviation from this trend. Apart from being a female entrepreneurs’ initiative, Enzia Ventures is also drawing attention for its specialized focus areas.

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About Enzia Ventures

Jayashree Kanther Patodi, Karuna Jain and Namita Dalmia joined hands in 2020 and within a year Enzia Ventures was born. Jayashree is an IIT Mumbai and ISB alumnus. She has worked with McKinsey and Khazanah, the Malaysian Sovereign Investment Fund. Karuna has worked in Acumen, a global impact investment firm, and like Jayashree is an ISB alumnus. Namita is an IIT Mumbai pass-out and was working with Omidyar Network India.

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This women VC firm focuses exclusively on healthcare, education and the environment. It is driven by the goal of promoting entrepreneurs who are working towards bringing healthcare closer to the consumer, achieving sustainable living practices, and delivering learning and educational solutions. Within the healthcare sector, Enzia Ventures is focusing on insurtech, preventive care and speciality care. In the education segment, its focus is on emotional intelligence and higher studies. Similarly, in the environment sector, Enzia is looking for involvement in businesses engaged in EV financing, emission measurement and reduction etc. 

The firm started with a $40 million fund in April 2021. As of July 2022, Enzia Ventures has funded several startups in the three focus areas. These include,

  •, an integrative oncology platform,
  • Proactive for her, a digital health clinic for women,
  • Numen, a holistic care provider for cardiovascular patients,
  • Morphle, a maker of AI-powered medical devices,
  • Curious Jr, a mobile-first coding platform for school children,
  • Kafqa Academy is an online school for performing arts.

Coincidently, 50% of their funding so far has been to companies with a female founder or co-founder.

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In all their fundings, Enzia Ventures' decision makers maintain a keen eye on the business outcome of the startups and the customer expectations. They look for qualities like integrity and resilience in their selected startups. The prospect of scalability and the presence of the right business model are also key considerations in their investment decision. Their focus on selected sectors is down to the familiarity and expertise that the founders command in these sectors. Enzia Ventures aims to build long-lasting business relationships and help businesses stay on course to achieve their objectives.