Before we actively start learning in school, we learn a lot of life lessons at home, most of these primarily from our mothers. On this occasion of World Teachers Day, we salute our best teachers- our mothers.

Here is why my mother is my best teacher

My relatives still joke about how I was like a baby goose in my childhood, always tagging behind my mother. Maybe it was the umbilical relationship, but I just had to be close to her. When I started reminiscing about my childhood days, I realised that from a young age, I had started essaying a lot of her ideologies and mirroring her habits. Just recently my best friend said to me “you know, every time you’re in deep thoughts, you stare at a distance with your right hand on your head”, and I stared at her blankly before realising that’s exactly what my mother used to do!

It wasn’t just this quaint trait my mother passed on to me. From graciously dealing with difficult situations to doing charity without looking for validation, she has taught me simply by leading through example. On this World Teachers' Day, I reflect upon the learning from my first guru, my mother:

1. Don’t take things personally

As a teenager, I had a lot of anger issues and poor life-management skills. I would often exhibit misplaced anger, and more often than not, my mother would be the prime target. Even then, my mom understood that the root of the problem was something different, resulting in an outburst. She would often dissociate herself with that outburst and help me to tackle the cause.

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2. More than love, it’s patience you need to deal with loved ones

Whether it was juggling a family of four or long days at work; taking care of an ailing grandparent or helping the kids during exam time, my mother's ability to be patient despite tumultuous conditions enabled and inspired us to push through tough times.

3. Fall down seven times; get up eight times

My mother’s resilience is unmatched. As a family, we went through some financially and emotionally tough times. I’d seen my mother struggle with the family, and I’d seen her struggle alone, but she’d always had the tenacity to bounce back from every situation.

4. If you have the opportunity to help someone; do it

My mom never turned a blind eye to other people’s sufferings. When her friend was struggling with marital issues, my mom gave her a roof over her head. I’ve never seen any guest leave home without eating, even during times when we were struggling to put food on our table.

5. Find the positive in every situation

As I am my mother’s daughter, so was she. When nana was diagnosed with cancer, and a sense of gloom encompassed the entire house, my mom would do small things to cheer us up. Whether it was organising movie nights or making our favourite dish, she taught me to find happiness even in the bleakest of moments.

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6. Love yourself unconditionally

After my younger brother was born, my mother started gaining a lot of weight to the point where her friends and our relatives started taunting her. But she never let it get to her emotionally. She would still wear her favourite clothes while eating healthy and going for a walk every day to shed weight. Not once did she let this affect the mental perception of who she was.

7. Make the world’s best butter chicken

I’m more of a ‘survive on coffee and eggs’ kind of a person, but whenever I have to impress someone with my culinary skills, I make my mother's butter chicken. It’s my trump card, and till date, it has not failed me, even once.

Our mothers have been a huge part of our lives, even since before our birth, which is why we learn more from them than all of our teachers combined. This World Teachers' Day, let’s take a moment to thank our first and most patient teacher - our mothers. This open letter to the superwoman in my life might be able to convey some of the gratitude that I feel towards my mother.


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