Pallavi Chopra is one of the most influential marketing leaders and a true inspiration to women. Let's sneak peek into her challenging journey.

“Always choose substance over flash” –Pallavi Chopra

A strong leader who is both creative and driven, Pallavi Chopra is the marketing maven behind online bus ticketing platform redBus. Acknowledged as a marketing genius by her peers, she is someone who possesses the ability and determination to get things done. 

Having gained industry recognition for her noteworthy work, including being named one of the most influential marketing leaders, she is a true inspiration to women in the corporate world and elsewhere.

In a freewheeling interview, Pallavi talks about her love for engaging storytelling, her quest for learning, and the power of positive thinking, among other thought-provoking insights.


How has the journey at redBus been so far?

Setting out on an adventure is always new and exciting, with so much to learn and experience. At redBus that adventure hasn’t stopped, I’m still amazed at the talent and capability of a fairly young company to stay on top of the game and remain a market leader. 

Having 16 years of leadership experience in the field of marketing and e-business in India and across Asia, can you elaborate on your role at redBus?

Engaging, charismatic storytelling is what I believe in. Together with creators, stakeholders, and visionaries, I drive the story of redBus. From grand campaigns to the minutest details relating to marketing, I help lead and grow the brand through both its national and international presence. 

With multiple geographies catering to varied national and regional nuances, we uncover the most effective marketing approach that connects deeply and meaningfully with our customers.

Can you single out any event in your life that defines who you are today?

I see myself as a student and I believe in constantly learning and evolving oneself. From incredible people to books, travel, and other experiences, there are far too many aspects that have played a part and continue to do so in defining who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. 

What were the crucial steps you took to expand the brand into new product categories?

We pride ourselves on great teamwork that is driven first and foremost by absolute empathy through our strong connection with our customers. Backed by data, we have continued to venture beyond the ticket to address the concerns of our customers, as well as bring offerings that add true value to every aspect of their travels with us. 

What were the biggest hurdles you faced in reaching where you are today? How did you overcome them? 

In my humble opinion, personal limitations are the biggest hurdle we all face. Being open-minded and acknowledging these limitations, while continuing to be bold and exploring or creating our own solutions, gives us the strength to overcome them. Positive thinking and positive actions always go hand-in-hand to create a better version of who you are. 

What’s next on your list that you hope to achieve? Tell us about your aspirations and dreams?

We are constantly working at transforming bus journeys and bringing redBus to many more markets. While aspirations and dreams are wonderful things to have, one must be grounded in the moment to ensure that they can make the most of what they have – to eventually achieve what they want. 

Do you think the concept of work-life balance exists? What are your thoughts on it?

I believe one should ideally work doing what they love. Only then can one transcend the outlook of work and in doing so naturally achieve a balance. We all get 24 hours and the onus is on each of us to make the most of our time so that we get to delight in both work as well as life. 

Of course, with good practices at work, companies like redBus have been able to not just create the opportunity to achieve it, but also actively encourage a healthy work-life balance. 

What would be your advice to women readers on career growth and money management?

As a believer in equality, my advice to women is no different than my advice to men. With regard to career growth, never stop learning and always choose substance over flash.


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