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5 Successful women entrepreneurs in India

Starting a business is never easy. Developing a business plan, devising business operations, procuring raw materials, hiring teams, setting up a marketing strategy, paying for advertising, etc., are some challenges that most entrepreneurs face. Things have been particularly hard since the coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic brought life to a halt and affected several small businesses. 

However, these tough times also brought in stories of hardworking and courageous business owners who continued to reach new heights even during the pandemic. Here are five examples of successful women entrepreneurs who braved all odds to establish pathbreaking women-owned businesses in the country.

Shivaarti Bajaj

Shivaarti Bajaj is the co-owner of BoxEngage, a Gurugram-based startup. Formerly known as GoParties, the company moved from offline to online territory after the coronavirus pandemic. While GoParties specialised in-office events, BoxEngage was based on the social media model. When the founders noticed a surge in the number of hours people spent on social media during the pandemic, they knew it was time to target this trend and turn it into a viable business opportunity. 

The banning of popular Chinese apps and sites in India brought business opportunities for many, and Shivaarti Bajaj and her team at BoxEngage capitalised on it by launching an alternative to TikTok. BoxEngage lets users make videos, hold private sessions with their followers, and livestream them.

Vaishali Chinnayya

This woman entrepreneur, along with her husband, founded Nimble Vision, which uses IoT-based products for water measurement and conservation. Although the company was set up in 2019, before the pandemic, the couple launched a new contactless mobile-based thermometer called Ni-Varak during the coronavirus pandemic to track COVID cases. The product can be connected to a mobile phone with wireless temperature sensors and can help screen a vast number of people in much less time.

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Shalini Raj

Despite the various problems faced by women entrepreneurs in the travel and tourism industry due to the pandemic, Shalini Raj did not quit. Instead, she turned around her business model and started organising weddings instead. Her company, Journey Weavers, organises small weddings of not more than 50-60 people. Journey Weavers takes care of all aspects of the wedding from personalised invites to makeup and styling to honeymoon and pre-wedding parties. Organising a wedding during a pandemic can be difficult, which is why the company takes care of all social distancing rules recommended by the state, such as getting permission from local authorities and ensuring no lockdown rules are flouted. 

Suhani Mohan 

Suhani Mohan is the co-founder of Saral Designs, a for-profit social enterprise that provides affordable and hygienic sanitary napkins to women from low-income groups. Suhani Mohan is one of the few entrepreneurs in India working tirelessly towards bringing about positive social change. When the pandemic hit, Saral Designs, along with help from the Mahindra Group, repurposed their machinery used for producing sanitary napkins to produce masks instead. The company sold masks at a meagre price of Rs 4 to Rs 10 only. The IIT Bombay graduate is able to manufacture up to 10,000 masks a day.

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Rakhi Khera

Founder of Abiti Bella Enterprises, a western fashion brand that also makes maternity clothes, Rakhi Khera saw a lull after the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. Her brands Abiti Bella and Mine4Mine had brought in Rs 3.6 crore revenue in 2019 but saw no sales during the first two months of the lockdown in 2020. However, after a discussion with her brothers-in-law (a doctor and a social worker), Rakhi Khera developed other business ideas that could help people during the pandemic and, at the same time, keep her business afloat. She launched Enklose, a reusable and washable overall that can be used by domestic workers, beauty salon employees, and hotel employees. Although this garment is different from a PPE kit, it can be used by workers who need to step out to work during these unprecedented times. 

Last words

Many entrepreneurs in India have had to suffer financial loss due to the pandemic. And while things may not always be in our hands, these female entrepreneurs do bring in a ray of motivation and encouragement for those of us who may be struggling at this time. 

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